Artist Research 4

Indre Serpytyte   Indre Serpytyte, Hat, from A State Of Silence series, 2006; Indre Serpytyte, Shirts, from A State Of Silence series, 2006;   ANALYSIS These photographs are part of the most famous project of Serpytyte. The images themselves seem very calm, very emotionless; nonetheless creating a certain tension in the viewer’s eyes. However, the… Read More Artist Research 4

Lecture Notes – Week 2

Interrogating Identity – putting ourselves in the picture artists use different ways to explore aspects of themselves; attitudes towards identity changed throughout centuries (impacted by travelling, psychology, media etc.); 21st century – representation of the ‘self’ – in the age of the ‘selfie’;   1. Identity and Family Trish Morissey – ‘Seven Years’  deconstructs family… Read More Lecture Notes – Week 2

Artist Research 1

Wendy McMurdo   Wendy McMurdo,Natural Disaster, from Masks series, 2010; Wendy McMurdo, Talking To Me, from AI series, MIT Museum, 2012;   ANALYSIS Wendy McMurdo works with traditional photography and computer technology to create her outcomes. The first photograph is from the ‘Masks’ series. It is the latest images from the series before the series… Read More Artist Research 1

Lecture Notes – Week 1

What type of photographer am I? THIS MODULE: The Human Nature (conditions – social documentary) Portrait (studio) Identity Alienation – isolation Being – existence (time) Everyday Health (phototherapy) Place The portrait is incidental of human interaction.  Thoughts: – making your life part of the subject’s life – who is most important in the photograph –… Read More Lecture Notes – Week 1