CONCLUSION      For the Interrogating Identity module I have decided to focus on my own identity and my past and present issues with mental well-being. I have decided to deal with my struggled with anxiety, anger management and depression in hope that it will allow me to understand myself better. Now I have understood… Read More Conclusion

Final Shoot

After all the research and a number of shoot as well as a talk to the lovely Wendy McMurdo, I have finally created a shoot that I am satisfied with and am planning to use it to create my final piece.   The images explore my internal feelings while I experienced my mental difficulties. They… Read More Final Shoot

Dazed Magazine

Dazed&Confused Magazine Submission   These days, there are more and more people admitting to mental health problems. Due to the power of the internet and a number of movements and campaigns, people are becoming more aware of mental health diseases. This is slowly changing our society, making the subject more accepted and less of a… Read More Dazed Magazine

Pecha Kucha

Presentation1 Image 1: – personal past project, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, life can be destroyed by wrong choices, Model: Angelika Denis; Image 2:  personal past project, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, beautiful outside does not necessarily mean beautiful and happy inside, Model: Angelika Denis; Image 3: personal past project, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Model: Angelika Denis; Image 4: extract from the final… Read More Pecha Kucha

Lecture Notes – Week 3

TONY BLOOD ‘Emergence’ weird place; fear, anxiety; ‘Forces’ experiences of military forces (soldiers); interviews; additional – use of objects from war time to link with the text; ‘Domestic Interior’ renaissance painting replication; differences between classes – food; limited lighting – torch; ‘Evanesce’ death of a family member; monochrome – symbolizes the past; ‘Transition’ memorial, remembrance;… Read More Lecture Notes – Week 3

Artist Research 5

Clare Strand Clare Strand,Untitled, from Signs of Struggle series, 2002;   Clare Strand, from Gone Astray Portraits series, 2002-03;   Clare Strand, from Gone Astray Portraits series, 2002-03;   ANALYSIS Clare Strand works with a variety of medium including photography, video and installations. In her works, she explores different subjects from simplicity of objects, to… Read More Artist Research 5