Lecture Notes – Week 3



  • weird place;
  • fear, anxiety;


  • experiences of military forces (soldiers);
  • interviews;
  • additional – use of objects from war time to link with the text;

‘Domestic Interior’

  • renaissance painting replication;
  • differences between classes – food;
  • limited lighting – torch;


  • death of a family member;
  • monochrome – symbolizes the past;


  • memorial, remembrance;
  • family members with objects they obtained after the death of the artist’s aunt (from ‘Evanesce’ – direct link);


  • poker (card game) – focus on the players;
  • aesthetics link to the game of poker (darker printing – shady, dark lighting, poker faces of the subjects);
  • gambling – comments, feelings – told by the subjects (interviews);


  • firstly in the studio – changed to the gym (natural surroundings – more realistic);
  • boxers – thoughts before, during and after the fights – interviews;

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